Fingerprinting Services


Our qualified fingerprinting technicians are well trained and experienced. They are equipped with the most technologically advanced state of the art mobile equipment available. This includes the fingerprinting equipment as well as the forensic inks, rollers, resins and solvents necessary for optimal results. Our clients rely on us with confidence, knowing our experienced fingerprinting specialists will ensure superior acceptance rates and greatly reduce and eliminate the chance of processing rejected prints.

In fact, we guarantee if your prints are rejected for any reason or no reason at all, we will come back and fingerprint the person whose cards were rejected free of charge.

Also, based upon our experience from the thousands of individuals we have printed, we are very familiar with the different city, state, federal and private printing cards as well as procedures for correct processing of fingerprint applications. Our staff can assist you with you fingerprinting requirements before, during and after we complete the prints.

We provide fingerprinting services to the following industries on a regular basis:
• Financial Service Companies (Private Equity, Hedge Fund, Securities, NASD, Mortgage)
• Medical Industry including home health care
• Legal Professionals
• Employment Agencies
• Adoption
• Security Companies
• Education
• Gaming Industry
• Liquor Authority …..and many others